RemoteFest – A Social Gathering of Long-Term Workers

Many of you know that Steph and I have traveled to the island of Koh Lanta several times over the last two years. We’ve become very invested in KoHub, the coworking space on the island.

This October, we’re putting on a small event with our friend James (the owner and mastermind behind KoHub).


The idea is to offer an environment and a informal way to help people meet new like minded friends and have the opportunity to share opinions and discuss solutions on how to lead a sustainable remoteĀ working lifestyle.

This is something we find ourselves craving as long-term travelers, and I know that there are others in the same boat.

We are currently finalizing dates and details, but if you’re interested and would like to be notified as the final plans come together, head to the RemoteFest website and sign up for email updates.

Let me know if you have any questions about the event!