Mindset Is Not In The Mind

One of the most important lessons I’ve been learning this year is that having a certain ‘mindset’ does not happen by changing the mind, but by acting on conviction.

Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to become a more positive person. I didn’t know exactly what that should look like (I still don’t). I tried many things to “change my mindset” and my outlook on the world.

Some things helped, some things didn’t. Overall, I felt like I wasn’t changing much.

Then I decided to simply start ‘being’ positive in my external actions. I start making obnoxious statements out loud.

“What a beautiful day this is!”

“I’m so grateful to be alive!”

“My friends are incredible!”

“I love my work and my business!”

I didn’t necessarily feel all of these things when I chose to say them, but the more I acted externally on my conviction to be a positive person, the more I noticed my mindset changing.

I can now safely say that I’m exponentially more positive than I’ve ever been. My outlook on the world is insanely optimistic, and I feel more content than I ever thought possible.

I’m not necessarily 100% happy all the time, but I’ve realized the power of external action in shaping my mindset. Therefore, I feel completely comfortable taking external action, even if my mind is a bit slow to catch up.

My mindset has completely changed because I forced it to change with my external actions.

Give it a try! If you want to chat about this idea (or anything else!), hit me up on Twitter!