Hello! An Update.

Been awhile since I’ve written anything here!


Figured I’d take the chance to say ‘hey’ again and update you on life 😃


Steph and I returned to the USA in December to spend a couple months visiting family and friends over the holiday season. We spent time in Chicago, Colorado, Portland, Seattle, and Austin. Being back ‘home’ was equal parts wonderful and difficult. On one hand, it was incredible to spend time with family and close friends after being away for a year or more. On the other, we found it even harder than usual to re-adjust to American culture and societal norms.


All-in-all, it was a good visit. We spent lots of time riding bikes with friends, drinking nice coffee, eating Chipotle (so. much. Chipotle.), taking advantage of amazing supermarkets, and having long overdue face-to-face conversations.


Now we’re back in Thailand for a bit! We just finished a 10 day visit in Chiang Mai and are currently on a plane en route to Koh Lanta. Our time in Chiang Mai was a bit too brief for our liking but we are excited to return to the island.



We’ll be in Lanta for the next six weeks soaking up the sun and getting our work groove on at KoHub. For some reason, we’re always insanely productive on the island so it’ll be a good chance to move business forward and try to knock out some big projects.


After Lanta we’ll actually be returning to the USA for a couple weeks. I’m standing in a good friend’s wedding in Colorado and then we’ll try to spend a week in Austin as long as we’re so close.


For the month of May we’re coordinating with some friends and booking a big place in Marrakech, Morocco. This’ll be a new country for us and we’re especially excited to share the experience with friends. The rough plan is to find a sweet Airbnb, install good wifi, and have a month-long co-working & co-living retreat with a few other nomadic friends.


After the month of May, we have no plans! Hopefully we’ll be returning to Budapest for a bit during the summer, but we’re choosing to leave ourselves some flexibility in case we want to return to Asia or go somewhere else entirely!


Hope this update finds you all well! Happy 2017 to you, and I’ll try to be a bit better about publishing on the blog moving forward 🙂