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About Nick Danforth DIgital Services.

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Our Story

Being Experienced in social media marketing and management, dedicated to building strong brands and fostering social engagement. With tailored strategies, captivating content, targeted advertising, consistency in posting, we amplify your online presence and drive measurable results. Trust us to handle your online presence building, provide in-depth analytics, and empower you with training and consultation. Partner with Danforth Digital Services to unlock your brand's true potential.

Our Mission

What We Aim to Be

Our Aim:

1. Boost Brand Visibility: Increase your brand's presence across social media platforms.

2. Drive Engagement: Foster meaningful interactions and build a loyal community.

3. Establish Brand Authority: Position you as a trusted industry leader.

4. Maximize Growth: Utilize data-driven strategies to drive measurable results.

Partner with us to unlock your brand's full social media potential.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Innovation and Quality

Danforth Digital Services offers a unique edge through:

  1. Customized Strategies: Tailoring social media approaches to your brand's specific goals and audience.
  2. Creative Content: Delivering visually captivating and engaging content that stands out.
  3. Data-Driven Optimization: Using analytics to continually refine strategies for optimal results.
  4. Transparent Communication: Maintaining open dialogue, regular updates, and collaborative decision-making.

Experience the difference with Danforth Digital Services and elevate your social media presence to new heights.

Social Media Presence

Key Insights and Action Points

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Essential in today's economy:

A strong social media presence drives business success.

Points to Remember

Who Are Our Clients?

Targeting these people first and effectively will lead to growth.

Can Our Clients Relate to Us?

Creating relevant content will allow prospective clients relate to your business.

Does Our Voice Represent Us Well?

Having a mission statement and outline that is clear will help prospects understand the company before contact.

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What We Want to Reflect

Affordable Quality

Pricing that represents hard work and commitment while working within understandable business budgets.


Utilizing Brand awareness, market understanding and business knowledge to work effectively at achieving a set goal.


Working efficiently and consistently to create brand recognition while putting AI,Automation and available technology to work for us.


Always bringing communication and integrating ideas is a must for us to make things work the best as we work towards a goal together.

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Aerial Photography of City Skyline

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3 Leland Street Lewiston,Maine 04240

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