Hello! An Update.

Been awhile since I’ve written anything here!


Figured I’d take the chance to say ‘hey’ again and update you on life 😃


Steph and I returned to the USA in December to spend a couple months visiting family and friends over the holiday season. We spent time in Chicago, Colorado, Portland, Seattle, and Austin. Being back ‘home’ was equal parts wonderful and difficult. On one hand, it was incredible to spend time with family and close friends after being away for a year or more. On the other, we found it even harder than usual to re-adjust to American culture and societal norms.


All-in-all, it was a good visit. We spent lots of time riding bikes with friends, drinking nice coffee, eating Chipotle (so. much. Chipotle.), taking advantage of amazing supermarkets, and having long overdue face-to-face conversations.


Now we’re back in Thailand for a bit! We just finished a 10 day visit in Chiang Mai and are currently on a plane en route to Koh Lanta. Our time in Chiang Mai was a bit too brief for our liking but we are excited to return to the island.



We’ll be in Lanta for the next six weeks soaking up the sun and getting our work groove on at KoHub. For some reason, we’re always insanely productive on the island so it’ll be a good chance to move business forward and try to knock out some big projects.


After Lanta we’ll actually be returning to the USA for a couple weeks. I’m standing in a good friend’s wedding in Colorado and then we’ll try to spend a week in Austin as long as we’re so close.


For the month of May we’re coordinating with some friends and booking a big place in Marrakech, Morocco. This’ll be a new country for us and we’re especially excited to share the experience with friends. The rough plan is to find a sweet Airbnb, install good wifi, and have a month-long co-working & co-living retreat with a few other nomadic friends.


After the month of May, we have no plans! Hopefully we’ll be returning to Budapest for a bit during the summer, but we’re choosing to leave ourselves some flexibility in case we want to return to Asia or go somewhere else entirely!


Hope this update finds you all well! Happy 2017 to you, and I’ll try to be a bit better about publishing on the blog moving forward 🙂

Cheers to You, Chiang Mai!

I’m writing this from a tiny seat on AirAsia flight 855 from Chiang Mai to Kuala Lumpur.

We left Chiang Mai this morning and don’t know the next time we’ll be returning. It’s a bit of a strange feeling. Though we’ve traveled across both Asia and Europe for much of this year, Chiang Mai has become something of a home base for us.

We even signed a long-term lease in Chiang Mai earlier this year, before realizing that we still wanted complete flexibility to travel (whoops).

To be honest, Chiang Mai isn’t really the greatest city on paper. It’s a little difficult to get to by air, doesn’t have a great public transport system, isn’t the most beautiful city, doesn’t have great parks or other urban infrastructure, etc…

But a place is made by the people, and we’ve been so blessed to have amazing friends in Chiang Mai every time we’ve been since the beginning of this year. The relationships forged and memories made with these people have forever embedded the Chiang Mai as ‘home’ in my mind and my heart.

Last night we had dinner and drinks with several friends. I don’t know the next time I’m going to see any of those people. I don’t know what country we’ll be in when we reunite. Could be 4 months. Could be 4 years. That’s the reality of this nomadic lifestyle. Always saying hello, always saying goodbye.

I’m grateful for the friendships we have on the road. The people who we’ve lived life with over the last several years. I already miss our Chiang Mai family terribly, but I’m excited to see them again.

Here’s to Chiang Mai, and to the amazing people I’ve grown close with since we first landed in January. If any of you are reading this, I love you and am proud to know you. Keep kicking ass.

See you soon.

chiang mai sunset

RemoteFest – A Social Gathering of Long-Term Workers

Many of you know that Steph and I have traveled to the island of Koh Lanta several times over the last two years. We’ve become very invested in KoHub, the coworking space on the island.

This October, we’re putting on a small event with our friend James (the owner and mastermind behind KoHub).


The idea is to offer an environment and a informal way to help people meet new like minded friends and have the opportunity to share opinions and discuss solutions on how to lead a sustainable remote working lifestyle.

This is something we find ourselves craving as long-term travelers, and I know that there are others in the same boat.

We are currently finalizing dates and details, but if you’re interested and would like to be notified as the final plans come together, head to the RemoteFest website and sign up for email updates.

Let me know if you have any questions about the event!

Life Is What You Make It

A simple lesson that I’m continuing to learn.

What you put in is what you get out.

Half-assing anything in life = less contentment and satisfaction from that thing in the end.

I’m working more on going “all in”.

All in with people.

All in with work.

All in with positivity.

All in in the city that I’m staying in.

It’s a good feeling.

Chiang Mai – Office of the Day Series

I’ve teamed up with my buddy Chris this week to make a quick series of videos about places to work for digital nomads in Chiang Mai!

Most people have heard about the amazing cafe/coworking scene in Chiang Mai, but very few people know about specific locations unless they’ve been to Chiang Mai in person. Even then, new cafes pop up every couple months, so it can be difficult to keep up with the scene.

We’re checking out 5 different cafes over 5 days here in Chiang Mai and are making short videos talking about each space.

Chris is releasing these review videos on his YouTube channel.

I’m simultaneously releasing vlogs on my channel if you’re interested in a more “casual” behind the scenes look at our days.

Hope you enjoy the mini-series. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested to learn more about working in Chiang Mai!


Back In Southeast Asia

In case you missed it, Steph and I are back in Southeast Asia!

After an amazing summer in Europe, it’s nice to be back. We are feeling very appreciative and grateful to be spending more time here.

We’ll be in Chiang Mai all of August and then heading down to Koh Lanta for the month of September. After that, we have no plans, but there’s a good chance we’ll stay in Asia for the rest of the year.

Looking forward to lots of smoothies, coffee shop work sessions, fresh vegan food, and beautiful warm weather during our time here.

If you’re around, say hey on Twitter. Would love to meet up!

Hotel Review: Mariya Boutique Residence BKK Airport

Last week Steph and I traveled from Budapest to Chiang Mai with an overnight stop in Bangkok. If you’ve ever had an overnight stop at either Bangkok airport, you’ll know that there are literally hundreds of airport hotels/guesthouses to choose from.

This time, I booked at the Mariya Boutique Residence and we had a great experience.

I wanted to share in case anyone is looking to simplify the selection process for a BKK airport hotel.

Mariya Boutique Residence is a simple hotel located 5 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport. They offer a 24-hour airport shuttle in both directions. We used this service both arriving and departing. They were on-time and professional in both cases.

The hotel has 4 floors and no elevator. Staff will carry your luggage up to the room for you, so it’s no hassle at all.

We booked a Superior Queen Room through Agoda (my favorite booking platform for Asia) for $36.46 USD after all fees.

The rooms are simple, but comfortable. Our room had a new A/C unit, good mattress, small kitchenette with coffee & tea, and a decent size bathroom with a separated shower and plenty of hot water.

suprerior3 suprerior5 suprerior2

The reception area downstairs is spacious and comfortable for getting some work done. There is also a small restaurant with a breakfast option for 200 THB. We opted not to have breakfast, but they do offer free coffee, tea, juice, and water throughout the day which is a nice touch.

Reception2 Reception6 Restautrant2

There is a 7/11 directly next door to the hotel (as well as two more across the street). The hotel is also flanked by multiple restaurants serving Thai, Japanese, and Western food at good prices. It was so nice to be able to have immediate food & grocery options, even for a quick overnight stay.

After our brief experience at the Mariya Boutique Residence, I can safely say that we’ll be booking again next time we need a hotel near BKK. The location is great (especially with the airport shuttle) and the amenities of the hotel are perfect for a quick stop.

If you’d like to know anything more about our stay, feel free to hit me up on Twitter!

Top 3 Thailand Visas for Digital Nomads

These visa suggestions are specific to USA-based travelers, however there are similar if not identical visa options for many other countries. If you are not from the USA, I hope you will use this guide as a framework and then conduct your own research based on your country of residence.

Thailand has been an established mecca for digital nomads for several years now. The combination of low cost of living, excellent weather, western amenities, and expat community make it an extremely attractive place for people looking to bootstrap new businesses or run their existing businesses.

If you’re looking to come to Thailand either for a short term trip, or to make Thailand your digital nomad home base, you’ll need to consider visa options for your stay.

After several trips in and out of Thailand as a digital nomad, I’ve determined that there are three visa options best suited for digital nomads.

30-Day Visa Exemption
$0 USD

The simplest (and cheapest!) of them all. Show up, fill out an immigration card, and you’ll get 30 days in Thailand without a paper visa. This option is great if you already know your travel plans and are confident that you won’t need more than a month in Thailand.


60-Day Single Entry Tourist Visa
$30-50 USD

If you want to spend 1-2 months in Thailand before traveling on to another destination, a single entry tourist visa is a perfect option. You can apply at any Thai embassy or consulate around the world, not just one in your home country. I’m currently in Thailand on a single entry visa I applied for in Singapore. The exact cost will vary depending on the currency used for payment but it should not exceed $50 USD.


6-Month Multiple Entry Tourist Visa
$200 USD

This is a relatively new visa option for USA-based travelers and it affords the most flexibility of all three options. This visa must be applied for in your home country, which means you won’t be able to acquire one if you are already on the road. Once you have one of these visas in your passport, you will be able to come and go from Thailand as much as you please over a 6 month period and you are granted 60 days per individual entry.

and now the kicker…

30-Day Visa Extension
1900 THB ($50-60 USD)

Any of the three visa options listed above can be extended for 30 days once you are already on the ground in Thailand! This does include the 30-day visa exemption. The steps are simple.

1. Go to the immigration office nearest you
2. Bring your passport with current visa and two passport photos
3. Fill out the necessary forms at the immigration office
4. Pay 1900 THB

This process effectively turns a 30-day visa exemption into a 60-day visa, and a 60-day single entry visa into a 90-day visa!

For the multiple entry tourist visa, you can apply an extension to each individual entry, meaning the extension can be applied multiple times throughout the course of the visa.

My recommendation for the multiple entry visa is to enter Thailand just before your visa expires. You will be granted another 60 day stay in Thailand (even if your visa expires during the stay) and then you can further extend that stay to 90 days! In practice, this means that your 6 month visa will net you 9 months of travel in and out of Thailand, provided you stay for 3 months at once at the very end of your visa.

I hope you’ve found this post useful. Please hit me up on Twitter if you have any other questions about visas in Thailand! I’ll be happy to help!

Airbnb Review: 2 Bedrooms in Budapest

We’ve just finished an amazing month in Budapest. Over the last month we’ve fallen in love with the city and we are already looking forward to returning sometime over the next year!

You can see videos of our time in Budapest on my YouTube channel!

One of the things that made our stay in Budapest so incredible was our amazing Airbnb. We shared a 2-bed unit with a couple of friends and the situation couldn’t have been better!

I wanted to write a quick review of our Airbnb in case anyone is looking for a 2-bed unit in Budapest.

This is the apartment listing on Airbnb. Click through for more details & photos.

The apartment is in a perfect location. It is only 2 minutes walk to the metro stop Astoria. Just across the road is the Jewish Quarter and most of the popular ruin pubs/bars. There are 3 grocery stores within a 5 minute walk as well as access to numerous bus lines and bike routes.


The apartment is in a traditional courtyard apartment building and is on the top floor (there is a lift) overlooking the rooftops.

budapest-airbnb-courtyard budapest-airbnb-rooftops

The apartment has two bedrooms, both with ensuite bath.

budapest-airbnb-master budapest-airbnb-second-room


The living area is spacious, including a large entry way and a compact, but useable kitchen. The kitchen is well stocked with oil and spices and there are plenty of dishes and utensils. We cooked at home almost every night and had no trouble.

budapest-airbnb-entry budapest-airbnb-kitchen budapest-airbnb-living1 budapest-airbnb-living2

The owner of the apartment is extremely friendly and a great communicator. He went out of his way to make sure that the apartment was comfortably stocked for our stay and was easy to reach throughout the month, even though he was in Spain.

All-in-all, staying in this apartment was a world class Airbnb experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a 2-bedroom apartment in Budapest.

If you have never used Airbnb before, sign up using this link. We’ll both get free credit!

Mindset Is Not In The Mind

One of the most important lessons I’ve been learning this year is that having a certain ‘mindset’ does not happen by changing the mind, but by acting on conviction.

Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to become a more positive person. I didn’t know exactly what that should look like (I still don’t). I tried many things to “change my mindset” and my outlook on the world.

Some things helped, some things didn’t. Overall, I felt like I wasn’t changing much.

Then I decided to simply start ‘being’ positive in my external actions. I start making obnoxious statements out loud.

“What a beautiful day this is!”

“I’m so grateful to be alive!”

“My friends are incredible!”

“I love my work and my business!”

I didn’t necessarily feel all of these things when I chose to say them, but the more I acted externally on my conviction to be a positive person, the more I noticed my mindset changing.

I can now safely say that I’m exponentially more positive than I’ve ever been. My outlook on the world is insanely optimistic, and I feel more content than I ever thought possible.

I’m not necessarily 100% happy all the time, but I’ve realized the power of external action in shaping my mindset. Therefore, I feel completely comfortable taking external action, even if my mind is a bit slow to catch up.

My mindset has completely changed because I forced it to change with my external actions.

Give it a try! If you want to chat about this idea (or anything else!), hit me up on Twitter!